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Raspberry Pi solar tracker

The objective of our client InSolem was to set up a field of three solar trackers with 2 regulation modes:
- An heliostat mode, where the objective is to reflect the sunlight towards a target
- A PV mode, where the objective is to maximize the production of photovoltaic electricity by minimizing the energy losses through reflexion

Iziproto's hardware set up for InSolem included:

Data collection and interpretation from different sensors:

Iziproto interfaced a set of sensors with the Raspberry Pi, so that the program developed by InSolem could collect the datas and determine the actual and targeted positions of the trackers. Following sensors have been interfaced:
GPS Sensor to collect the time Accelerometer to get the actual position Arduino used as a voltmeter
Raspberry Pi sensors

Motor activation:

Iziproto interfaced the stepper motors with the Raspberry pi so that the program developed by InSolem could match the actual position of the tracker with its targeted position
Raspberry Pi sensors


Iziproto set up a datalogger that records the position of the trackers in a csv file. Therefore InSolem can easily monitor the functioning of its trackers and identify potential tracking errors
Raspberry Pi sensors

Hardware cost for each tracker: 110 excl. motors

The whole hardware set up is based on Raspberry Pi, a low-cost hardware complying with the CE norm. Our solution made it possible for InSolem to develop and test its technology at an amazingly low cost!
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