Low cost developments with Raspberry Pi

FranÁoisís Domotic Plug!

Here is the video of the IZIproto contestís winner! He won a 3D Printer!

Thank you INSA Strasbourg and its students for sharing with us this domotic plug made with a Raspberry Pi!

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Adrienís Dashboard

Welcome to the Dashboardís tutorial from our IZIproto contest

Thank you Adrien for this project!

The Raspberry Pi can be used for a lot of projects. Today I propose to create your own Dashboard with many widgets: Google Maps with live traffic, RSS feeds, weather forecast, tweets, and other data in real timeÖ 

This Dashboard is possible thanks to Dashing, a Ruby developed and very easy to set up module!

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Another project for the Raspberry Pi contest and another way to make a 3D scanner: with Kinect and Raspberry Pi!

Thank you Mario Lukas for this second tutorial! 

Stand-alone, portable Kinect and Raspberry Pi2 based 3D scanner. With this 3D scanner you will be able to scan larger objects. It is powered by a battery pack. 
Currently I am working on the software of this scanner project. The video shows a first boot test with the working kinect mounted on an 3D printed handle. A small Raspberry Pi display of Watterott electronic is used to show the realtime kinect stream. 

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Davidís PiPhone

How to make your own Smartphone with a Raspberry Pi?! David explains how to do on his PiPhoneís tutorial!

Thank you David Hunt for sharing it on our IZIproto contest

Hereís my latest DIY project, a smartphone based on a Raspberry Pi. Itís called Ė wait for it Ė the PiPhone. It makes use an Adafruit touchscreen interface and a Sim900 GSM/GPRS module to make phone calls. Itís more of a proof of concept to see what could be done with a relatively small form factor with off-the-shelf (cheap) components. I donít expect everyone to be rushing out to build this one, but I had great fun in doing it, as it builds quite nicely on my previous projects, especially the Lapse Pi, a touchscreen time-lapse controller, and uses most of the same hardware.

What makes this different from the Timelapse controller is the addition of a a SIM900 GSM module, which is connected via UART to the Raspberry Pi. Also, I got myself a LiPo battery that would fit nicely between the TFT screen and the Raspberry Pi, so it could be used standalone, without any wires hanging off it whatsoever. Hereís the finished PiPhone.

Also shown in the above pic is the touchscreen interface I developed for the purpose of this project. Itís a numeric keypad, with a display of the number to dial at the top, and a phone icon at the bottom to make or hang up the call.

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Robertoís homemade radar

Another project from Costa Rica on our IZIproto contest: the Robertoís homemade radar!

Radar_CR is a twitter bot written in Bach Linux, that uses a DVB-T USB and the Dump1090 software.

This homemade radar is tweeting that when an aircraft flies over Costa Rica or when a flight arrival or departure from Juan Santamaria airport.

Thank you Roberto!

The bot is written entirely in Linux Bash

You can also watch the CPU temperature and the amount of tweets Journals in https://thingspeak.com/channels/51720

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Mario Lukas's FabScan Pi [2nd part]

The second part of Mario Lukas's FabScan Pi, a new Raspberry Pi project!

Here is the first part: http://www.iziproto.com/mario-lukas-s-fabscan-pi-1st-part-c1200x40039

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